Terceira Island

Three days, Praia da Vitoria. Vidéo HD / 19’07”, 2016. “The insignificance of life at sea, my non-existence with regard to the community, cleared up all sorts of intuition not yet matured. First the world of art and its performers whom I attended assiduously a few months before appeared quite thin and insipid, its magnetism had lost all radiance, a fixed circle without movement. Hearings fundamentally opposed, on the one hand the aesthetes and on the other the public square, that of the anonymous; To detect the performance where it was born of itself: this thought became a safe place in my mind. It is the same distance that separates performance in art from performance in life which is that of the nameless, pure performance, non-documented, improvised, without archive, without announcement, without appointment. As an object in the calm, non- anthropocentric”. (extract from Bravo Zulu). I have tried to minimize the disappearance of a deep mindfulness built during my single-handed passage and use it as a tool to approach new characters. And indeed this mindfulness would acute my view on how does we perform life or not? A reminder of the island in what she has accidental and unreal.