The day I…

The day I decided not to become a tibetain_Video HD_1’06″_2014; See Giglio Island. “I wonder if the rotational movement of the Earth, twice as fast there than in our climate, would not be the cause. These 465 meters per second in these countries, while I was born and lived where the Earth turns only 250 meters every second, should not fail to act on me, very sensitive to spinning” from Michaux’s novel Ecuador. I am extremely sensitive to whirling. The whirling is a physical phenomenon that robs you of control and makes you fall to the ground. A complete loss of body control by the body itself. The object was essentially to reach the physical limit of my body. How to stay still, without verticality? it is also the experience of gravity, one walks without being aware of it, but one then falls in knowing it.

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