Film-performance, mixed media. Amsterdam, Master of Film, 2015. A long tradition of expanded cinema has tried to bring life into the empty space – between the projector and the screen– with live performances. These artists attempted to open the space of the film theatre to real time and real life. They tried to establish a live tension in opposition to the pre-arranged hypnosis created by the classical dispositive. They asked for concentration rather than provide a distraction. In such ways, they revealed the potential of cinema to be interactive and performative. Inspired by their ethos, I decided to experiment with expanded cinema. To do so I re-arranged the cinema apparatus inside the film theater. I projected the film Mothlight (Stan Brakhage, 1963) onto the screen on my naked body who became the screen while an assistant was covering me with plastic foil to create a cocoon symbolizing the rebirth of another image. At the same time a second assistant filmed the public from the screen view point, making them visible and offering them a new space of potentialities. Through this new arrangement the act of filming and the act of screening became then a whole that could be seen from multiple perspectives.

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