Mapping a passage

Crossing the English Channel: Mapping a Passage 

Mauritskade 61 _ Amsterdam _ Monday 19th November 2018.

Personal show.

My crossing in August of the English Channel with my 20 feet sailboat Godot and a “clandestine” passenger engaged me in a series of wall drawings that I made in the basement of the old zoological laboratory in Amsterdam. The building should be renovated into a luxury hotel and the wall drawings entered in clandestinity in the lineage of Marshall Islands maps too fragile to be put aboard they had to be memorized by the navigators/spectators.

During this exhibition I have presented my “Introduction manual for the clandestine Midshipman” which attempts to deliver the basic physics and practice of sailing. In order to be aware of what will face any aspirant sailors before engaging into an ocean passage or a channel crossing.

This project was supported by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and inspired by walking artist Hamish Fulton. Fulton states that he is an “artist who walks, not a walker who makes art”. And as him I could say: I am an artist who sails not a sailor that makes art. The experience always prevailed on the art work.

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