Giglio Island

Often, we can compare an island to an inverted oasis : the sea is the sand and the water is the earth, “it is like an egg“, the desert around is the Ocean through which to pass, it is the river that drains towards its source. The Costa Concordia shipwreck, on the night of Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th of January 2012, near the island of Giglio at the southern coast of Tuscany is the fortuitous gathering of a political desert with this island of Giglio as geographical desert. A gathering that surpasses all possible comprehension, and that takes back the right for myths to exist. The island of Giglio has become the place of creational beginning, the beginning of a new cycle, it is a shield that yet remains unforced. The idea was to make a documentary film on the island with the idea of reversing the concept of Shipwreck with Spectator towards the idea of Spectator with Shipwreck.

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