Casting Call

Another way to draw out the performative quality of the cinema-going experience was to activate recognition of the four walls of the film theatre and the presence of the space and the bodies within it. To enable this recognition, I tried to conceptualise the elements of the cinema space –the projector, the walls, the door – as individual bodies. I felt I could explore the possibilities of interactions between these bodies. In order to do this, I decided to experiment with the installation format to establish a web of multiple perspectives: the screen(s); the space; and the spectator(s). (see Studio visits).

In Casting Call (2015), I made a 3-channel video installation in the Studio 2 of the Film Academy. The studio transformed into a space where all other studios in the academy came together. As well as being projected onto the walls, three episodes of Studio Visits were screened onto a transparent projection surface that accentuated the circulation and fluidity between the network of studios. In such ways, the projector, the spectator and the space became individual bodies.

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