Boat People

Boat-people. Eye Filmmuseum, Cinema 2 – 2015, video HD (33’43”). Classical cinema is designed by its technology and mode of production to hypnotize an audience. I believe the unexplored potentialities of cinema –which I describe as its performativity– can be considered in an alternative cinema. This has become my field of investigation. In my project, I ask to what extent can the cinema apparatus be challenged by its potentialities? I began reconsidering the act of filming and the act of screening in ways that could explore this question. The live engagement through a local intervention in the film theater. It finds its origin in the necessity for me to bring back the missing bodies of the screen into the film theater. It brings back the possibility of an encounter with an audience through both a physical and spiritual act, a step towards the very essence of cinema, its animality and its emptiness. The term ‘boat-people’ began to be used in the press to describe the movement of migrants fleeing Vietnam by sea at the end of the 70′. They fled their country for political and economic reasons. Often overloaded and with no security, these boats have made many victims due to drowning, starvation and cold. Boat-people_The Island and The Fortress is my first proposal to the dramatic actuality raging in and on the borders of the European Union.

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