Olivier Delebecque (FR,1981) is a visual artist and independent filmmaker based in Amsterdam. He studied Art History, graduated from the documentary department at cinema school ESEC (Paris) and the Master of Film at  the Film Academy Amsterdam. Olivier is a visual artist, filmmaker and sailor inspired by the concept of the Autonomy of Migration. He currently explores the creative potential of sailing which he sees as a creative practice. Its latest works seek to reconnect past oceanic migrations to the present of a specific geographic location. They navigate between the art scene and the film industry creating subversive images of the sea. At the moment he is developing the game design of a documentary video game with the support of the Start subsidie of the StimuleringFonds.

He is also the co-founder with Suzanne Bernhardt of the Foundation Idées Clandestines. This foundation has for ambition to support and develop artist’s talent with a special focus on interdisciplinary public space works with local community. For collaboration please contact ideesclandestines@gmail.com or www.ideesclandestine.nl

For more information come find me at Hamerstraat 2, 1021 JV Amsterdam
or send me an email at olivier.delebecque@gmail.com.